These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the cooperations between COMM_art and its’ clients, outlining the legally binding basic terms and conditions of a contractual consulting agreement between two work parties, either in addition or functioning as the agreed upon professional contractual conditions without a signed agreement.

  1. Term
    The details of a cooperation will either be determined by these terms and conditions if no contract in writing has been signed by both parties that would negate these binding terms. All contractual relationships are on a consulting basis with a non-exclusivity agreement.
  2. Duties and Services
    COMM_art provides the client with the services detailed in a contractual agreement or outlined in correspondance whereas these terms and conditions prevail if in conflict whereas the client assumes duties without previously having received agreement to these terms by COMM_art.
    COMM_art is at all times an independent contractor, and shall not be, an employee of the client. The client warrants that it is aware that the agreed upon terms set out herein or additionally in a contractual agreement, is for the provision of services on a strictly contractual basis, and does not create employer-employee relations and does not confer upon it any rights, except for those set forth herein and/or a contractual agreement explicitly. 
  3. Compensation
    The client shall pay COMM_art against a monthly issued invoice, properly due and payable within the time frame agreed upon in the pre-signed agreement. In case of no previously signed agreement including a payment policy, the payment is due within latest thirty (30) calendar days as of the invoice date. In case the payment is delayed, a reminder with a standard additional reminder fee will be issued, sent out and due accordingly.
  4. Termination
    Either party may terminate a cooperation at any time whereas COMM_art shall be paid for any portion of the services that have been performed prior to the termination.Upon termination and, in any case, upon the Client’s request, the Consultant shall return immediately all Confidential Information and copies thereof and any other property belonging to the Client, including, but not limited to (if applicable), any Confidential Materials.