Proofreading & Editing

Immaculate and meaningful texts due to professional proofreading and editing. Words have the power to make every difference!

Every single detail, every nuanced statement, its style, tone, punctuation, grammar, and legibility must be perfect and represents the level of professionalism and public image of your business.

In our colloquial language, many drastic mistakes have crept into our daily use of languages and the way we speak and write, e.g. “I could care less” should in fact be “I couldn’t care less”, two letters expressing an entirely different sentiment!

Our professionally trained linguists look for, edit, and correct the following:

  • Grammar
  • Orthography
  • Punctuation (e.g. commas)
  • Uniform way of spelling (according to your corporate identity/branding)

The result is a text that will directly speak to your target audience and is ready to be printed or to be publicized.