We speak your language!
We will gladly talk to you about your project on a telephone call, E-Mail, or WhatsApp, whichever is easiest for you. If you wish, we can also schedule a video meeting to discuss your project further.

Our pricing is based on several key factors: 

  • Source and target language (for translations)
  • Text size (word count)
  • Difficulty / Topic
  • Urgency / Deadline
  • Formatting or implementation that must be performed additionally

Depending on your project, one-off or occasional, we offer either a word or an hourly rate. For long-term projects, we also offer retainer agreements at a special price.

To receive an offer specifically for your project, please contact us with all the information you currently have, such as word count, source and target language, text size, topic, deadline, etc., via E-Mail

Simple procedure
We have simplified the way and pace at which businesses receive our services.
Our procedure is usually the following:

  1. You have requested an offer and received a quote
  2. The project can be discussed further, if you wish so (via WhatsApp-Call, Video meeting or via E-Mail)
  3. Contractual agreement and beginning of the collaboration

We are always available via E-Mail and over WhatsApp (messaging and for calls)

Since our clients are based all over the globe, we usually discuss larger projects via video or audio call through Zoom, Discord, Facetime, or Skype, and we are available via E-Mail and on Whatsapp (through messaging, as well as for calls). 
In long-term collaborations, our clients usually send us a short email with the text they want to have translated, proofread, edited or a brief for the text they need to have written.

Good to know:

  • Our linguists only work within the realm of their experience and expertise, that matches their qualifications and are constantly tightly supervised.
  • For works on technological systems, such as CMS, CAD or other systems that our clients use, we are either given direct access to the system, so that the texts can be implemented directly or we are sent a text export e.g. in an excel file, which we usually return in the same file and format, so that our clients’ simple implementation is guaranteed.
  • Our translations, edits and texts overall can be sent to us in various formats, such as MS Office documents, directly on a CMS or other online system, or by sending or opening up an access to a Google Doc (the most often used platform to share documents).

Deadlines & express delivery
We appreciate it when you give us your deadline when submitting a new project. Once we receive your piece of content and check the volume and level of difficulty, we will then let you know whether we can accomplish it and will confirm and commit to this deadline. Depending on the urgency, we can translate, proofread, edit or write shorter texts within a few hours or overnight. In such cases, we will charge an additional 40% of the price.